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How It Works For Customers

Under the brand name of RIDEO, Roadmark Travel is an A-Licensed Travel Agency ; a member of TURSAB ( Association of Turkish Travel Agencies). We operate mainly in airport transfers, corporate organisations , short/long term car rental businesses with technology perspective.

We aim to create an ease-of-use based platform to make the business seamless and intuitive. Quick onboarding is our priority to support travel agencies and affiliate members to deliver mutual benefits through volume growth and profitability.

Roadmark Turizm Ticaret A.Ş is our company legal name to operate. We aim to create our technology solutions and our teams are dedicated to focus customer issues with technology friendly manner.

Whether you travel leisure or business, we try to leverage great service and product varieties to tourism professionals.

Technologywise, wider global travel market is forecast to grow exponentially over the next 5 years however it is recognised that not all players will share in this growth equally. The forecast growth will be fuelled by increased digital capabilities providing greater access to the consumer market.

Not all current travel businesses are prepared for this digital transformation and are,therefore, at best are likely to be excluded from achieving higher growth rates but at worst will face the challenge of losing market share. Added to this there are a few digital-savvy non-travel businesses poised to enter the market attracted by the lure of high growth rates thus creating greater competition.

We at RIDEO, will support your business with a future-proofed, taioler technology solutions. To deal with this new digital world, we claim that the cost of acquisition of the new customers is a great challenge.

There exists RIDEO to support your business to maximize returns from each customers so that icrease any return on making investment.

On-demand travel technologies are are one of the major concerns so that we’ll be launching our products on the way.