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Working Policy


Please read the below terms before car rentals.

  • Rideo has the right to use your email, phone number and adress info as marketing communication tool . The user of this website confirms his/her consent that contact details can be used for this purpose unless the user can deny the matter with written explanation.
  • During the high season our car park is reserved earlier than the off season, so that we highly recommend you to make your reservation earlier than the high season.
  • One-way drop charges depend on the demand and location. Please feel free to ask regardingly.
  • It's an obligation to write down additional driver name and details to the rental contract . Driver's license and Id has to be shown at the time of rental. In any case of damages or accident done by 3rd party, driver and the name written on the contract as a driver are fully responsible for the damages done on vehicle.
  • Car rental period and provision amount has to be fully paid by credit card holder who is also main driver of the rental car. Paying the amount for rental and provision is the pre-condition for confirmation of rental car. The user confirms and approves the mentioned rule of Rideo.
  • Amendments of the rental period like period extension, fuel charges, traffic fines etc. is charged at provision amount while closing the contract. Credit card holder and driver has to be the same person.
  • Driver license of the driver has to be minimum 3 years and the age of the driver has to be minimum 25 years of age.
  • Minimum rental period is 24 hrs. If the driver exceeds the rental period more than 3 hours, 1/3 of the daily rental amount is charged. If the driver exceeds more than 3 hours, then whole rental day has to be charged to the driver. You can call us at 0850- 850 7623 to extend your duration.
  • Fuel tank is delivered empty. In return, it's expected to return it as empty. If the tank is more than Rideo delivers, there's no return policy for the amount.
  • Any fines , penalties like traffic fines, highway charges are in responsibility of the driver.
  • During the rental period, if the car gets stolen or damaged in one-sided accident ; report by police or gendarmarie must be taken without moving the rental car. In case of 2 sided accidents, document of the accident report has to be fully completed.
  • The conditions mentioned below has to be arranged by traffic police:
    • If the driver has no driving license
    • If the driver is under the age limit
    • If the driver has a mental disability or drunk
    • If one of the vehicles belongs to public authorities
    • If any damage occurs to public buildings or commodities
    • If any damage occurs to 3rd parties
    • If any of the cars does not have traffic insurance
    • If the accident results in fatal injuries or deaths
  • Beginning and after the rental period, the document has to be signed to close the contract.

You can call RIDEO Customer Services for 7/24 support. You can also submit your requests by emailing


We kindly request our guests to carefully read our instructions.

  • RIDEO has to validate customer ID and info before the journey. If RIDEO can’t validate the customer, RIDEO has the right not to operate the transfer.
  • Passenger should wait at the designated area for pick-up point. Pick-up time is indicated at the passenger voucher so that passenger should check the itinerary details. If the passenger is not at the pick-up location RIDEO hotline 0850-08507623 calls the customer and tells the passenger that car has been waiting for the service. Waiting time at the location is 15 minutes after the call.
  • RIDEO dispatching system allows the driver to the designated address 15 minutes prior to the journey. We have meet&greet service for Airport to destination if passenger demand the greeting service.
  • It’s obligatory to buckle seat belts regarding the regulations in effect by the law.
  • If the passenger number or luggage capacity exceeded, regulated amount of luggage or passenger is allowed to travel to the destination.
  • If passenger requests baby or child seat, the request has to be added during the reservation.
  • If the passenger travels with pet, it has to be carried with its own carriage. Otherwise, transfer can’t be operated.
  • Children under 12 years of age should be accompanied by their parents.
  • Highways tolls and bridge tolls are to be added to the payment details.
  • Our car park is designed with the regulations of related commissions.

  • RIDEO driver waits the customer 15 minutes for free of charge at the pick-up location. If the duration exceeds, RIDEO Hotline calls the passenger Adresten alımlarda araç yolcuyu 15 dakikaya kadar ücretsiz bekler. If RIDEO can’t reach out the customer , RIDEO has the right to cancel the transfer and underwrites the transaction as no-show. If that occurs, the passenger has to pay for the service.
  • If the passenger misses the meet&greet location, RIDEO Hotline should be called. Passenger can easily reach out the Hotline number 0850-8507623 at the voucher. If the passenger leaves the designated area without communicatiing RIDEO Hotline, transfer cost must be incurred on behalf of passenger side..
  • Cancellations and amendments should be done 24 hrs. prior to journey. All inquiries must be done via website. All the inquiries which don’t comply with the rules set by RIDEO must be charged.